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Training Aid Guide

Swim training aids have been designed to allow you to maximize your water workout, and push yourself that little bit further.

This guide will help you to find the right training aid suited to your needs, while providing insight into the correct technique for the training aid of your choice.


Increases arm strength

Incorporating paddles into your swim training increases resistance, making you work harder to pull your arms through the water. This added resistance assists with strengthening arm muscles.

Increase your power

Paddles encourage you to keep your elbows high, as you work through your stroke. This will assist you in becoming a stronger and faster swimmer.


Improved body alignment

Designed to add extra propulsion to your stroke, fins allow you to increase your speed with minimum effort, leaving you free to ingrain correct stroke technique and body alignment.


Increases lower body strength

Developed to keep your hands out of the water, kickboards allow you to focus on building your lower body strength and improving your kick technique.

Centre Snorkel

Improved body alignment

Centre snorkels allow you to master the neutral facedown position required for freestyle and butterfly strokes. This allows you to perfect your body alignment for better efficiency, speed, and drag reduction.

Improved technique

Utilizing a centre snorkel, will also allow you to focus on ingraining the correct kick technique, stability, and positioning, without having to worry about your breathing.


Increases upper body strength

Engineered to isolate the upper torso, the Pullbuoy aids in building upper body strength.

Improved technique

By isolating the upper torso, Pullbuoys allow you to focus on improving stroke technique.

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