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Chad Ho




Open Water - 5 & 10km

Chad Ho

"What i love about open water swimming is that no two races are ever the same its always a mystery, no matter how many times you’ve trained/raced at a venue something will always be different."

Age: 29
Coach: Alidair Hatfield
Club: Action Swim Academy
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My Name is Chad Ho i am a professional Open Water Swimmer who specializes in 5 & 10km swims where i have been competing internationally for 17 years.I am a loving father to my daughter and engaged to my beautiful fiancé.

Growing up my two older sisters were swimmers which exposed me to a pool at all times so it was only natural that i would be drawn to swimming. From a young age i had a talent for swimming longer distances and tried my hand at Open Water at the age of 15 where i found a new avenue of swimming which has excited me ever since. 

Notable swim career achievements

  • 7 Time Midmar Mile Winner

  • 2008 Beijing Olympics where I placed 9th

  • 2008 Bronze Medal World Champs 5km Open Water

  • 2010 FINA 10km Marathon Open Water Series Overall Winner

  • 2013 Forth in 5km World Champs & 8th in the 10km Open Water

  • Sportsman Open Water Swimmer of the Year 2010 to Present

  • 2015 Gold Medal Winner at FINA World Champs 5km Open Water

  • 2016 Rio Olymoics where i placed 10th

Key swim events which you will be partaking in this year

  • Midmar mile 

  • South African Open water Championships

  • Nando’s Royal Lifesaving Society Swim - Mauritius

  • Fina Marathon Swim World Cup -Seyschells - TBC

Favourite Speedo training piece

I don’t just have one favourite piece of equipment i love everything about speedo but if i had to choose one it would be their Competition Fastskin speed socket 2 goggles. Not only are their googles anti fog and stay clear during my training and races but they are they most comfortable for my face which is great especially that i swim long distances.